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An Adventure for my Father

In 2007 I decided to write a fitness book and thought winning some gold medals in the Senior World Games would be a great marketing tool for the book. Since I was turning 50 in 2008 I started to train in 2007. The plan went well. At the Huntsman Senior World Games I won every […]

The Today Show reveiws Infomercial exercise equipment

I watched the Today show on Feb. 6, 2009 and they reviewed four popular infomercial products. It was terrible ARE THEY KIDDING? I thought the Today show was supposed to be informative? In this case, they were borderline negligent when it comes to what they said. Their expert personal trainer didn’t have a clue. I […]

Racing at the Master Worlds

Arrival I arrived on Saturday to Innsbruck, Austria. The weather was perfect. As you get off the plane the view of the mountains is stunning. The mountains that provide the backdrop to the runway must be at least 10,000 feet high! It’s a relatively small airport so you actually deplane on the runway and walk […]

World Championships in St. Johann, Austria

I raced yesterday in a World Cup Race and did fairly well. I never saw an 8-man break so when the bunch went to sprint I thought we were sprinting for the win. the guy in front of me overshot the last corner and almost crashed clipping out to try and keep his balance. Needless […]

Life is what happens while you’re busy planning.

I’m here in Doha, Qatar consulting the training staff at a brand new hospital in the Sports City. The hospital is called Aspetar. Incredible experience. I did a presentation for the physical therapists and another presentation for the entire hospital staff. After the coldest, wettest winter in 60 years in Califonia and a knee surgery […]

Does Experience Equal Wisdom?

When I’m at conferences, workshops, conversing or observing other trainers I hear them say “I’ve been training people for 20 years or I’ve got 20 years of experience.” Most often I’m impressed, but sometimes when I ask questions or observe them train, it seems obvious they don’t have a clue as to what they are […]

I Keep Reading These Articles…

I keep reading these articles about third party accreditation or raising the “standard of credibility” for personal trainers. Are trainers making too much money? Are they working too little hours? Too many benefits? Are they hurting people? I think they aren’t even asking the right questions. 1. Who is asking or demanding some kind of […]