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Master’s Pan American Games – Havana, Cuba – 2010

In order for an American athlete to enter Cuba, Mike Fraysee, who organized this trip had to petition to the US Treasury Department for permission to take 64 athletes to compete. We had to provide our USA Cycling license and our passport to prove who we were and all converged on the Miami airport to […]

What works in a squat?

Hi John – I was looking through Shape magazine online “for fun” and came across this from David Kirsh – some trainer to some stars….. WHAAATT?? Worried about “bulking up your quads”…… not to do a “traditional squat”…. Well, when I do a traditional squat I feel mostly my hams and adductors and glutes. Hams […]

The National Senior Games

Every state has a Senior Games competition similar to the Olympics with over 20 sports to compete in. You must be over 50 to participate. The top two winners in each category may compete every other year in the National Senior Olympics. In 2009, I participated in the games held at Stanford University in Palo […]

Master’s Pan American Games

I had wanted to compete in the 2009, UCI Worlds in Austria but I just couldn’t make it happen. Instead, I chose the Master’s Pan American Games in the Dominican Republic. I left on Friday, October 30th but with my layover in New York, I didn’t arrive until Saturday afternoon. It seems there aren’t many […]