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“Yes, You Can!”

Fitness After 40: A New Beginning is a book designed to provide information for people over 40 years old, so they can make better decision concerning their health and fitness. We shouldn’t be getting our fitness advice from actors, celebrities or reality TV. Would you take acting lessons from an exercise physiology professor? Why is common sense so uncommon when it comes to fitness? Many athletes don’t understand or can’t explain what they do or how they do it. Let’s face it; most athletes are genetically extremely gifted. The end result is erroneous information keeps perpetuating over and over and I can’t take it anymore. Time for me to do something about it.

At 40+ years of age, the body has either changed or it’s beginning to change. So should your exercise program. Time is not in our favor. Knowledge is our best weapon against injury and aging.

Here’s some of what you will learn from the book:

    • How to prevent injury
    • The three main systems we train in the body
    • The three main components of fitness
    • Common mistakes in the gym
    • How studies can be erroneous
    • The four components to consider in your workout
    • The two most important nutrition choices you can make
    • How to get rid of cellulite