About John


John Platero is the founder and CEO of the National Council of Certified Personal Trainers (NCCPT)which has certified thousands of personal trainers both nationally and internationally.

He has consulted for:

Atlanta Fitness Holdings, Inc.
Gym Management Services, Inc
The Royal Family of Qatar

 Hospital and Rehabilitation Center – Doha, Qatar
LA Fitness, LLC – Irvine, California

Gold’s Gym International, LLC – Washington DC
Gold’s Gym – DOHA QATAR

Bodies in Motion– LA, California
Holistic Fitness, INC – Malibu, California

Champneys – London, England
Angel City Fitness – Marina Del Rey, California

Horizon Fitness – Del Ray, Florida

As if starting and growing a thriving business wasn’t enough, Mr. Platero simultaneously was the National Director for LA Fitness.  He recruited, staffed and provided education for more than 500 trainers during his eight-year tenure there beginning in 1996.  In March 2003, Platero left LA Fitness to focus all his efforts on managing all divisions of Future Fit and The National Council of Certified Personal Trainers. He was one of the original members of the IDEA board of directors for Personal Trainers and continues to teach Health & Fitness.

He has appeared on numerous talk shows and has written articles on personal training and fitness forMuscle & Fitness, Shape Magazine, Muscle Mag, MAX, Oxygen Magazine, Ladies Home Journals, Exercise for Men and Ventana to name just a few. Mr. Platero also authored the N.C.C.P.T.’s basic personal training manual. In 1999, the prolific Platero wrote, produced and was featured in an infomercial,How to Become a Personal Trainer, which aired nationwide on ESPN, Fox Sports, Lifetime, E! Entertainment, MTV, the Learning Channel and VH-1.  His first producing foray, How to Be Financially Successful as a Personal Trainer, has helped many personal trainers start their own business. Since then, he has produced and written over 31 fitness videos and hosted other fitness related infomercials such as the AB Revolutionizer which played here in the US and Europe.

All these accomplishments could not have been achieved without Platero’s continued thirst for knowledge.  Early on, while attending elementary school in Helena, Montana, he was diagnosed by doctors as a “compulsive learner.”  That title served him well.  Platero has completed 35 fitness certifications from organizations such as ACSM, ACE, AFAA, ISSA, NASM, NBFE and the NSCA along with the distinction of “Mastery Level” from The Resistance University. He has a B.A. in Sports Recreational Management and a dual MA in Sports Medicine and Health and Fitness with an emphasis in personal training.

Since 2008 John has competed internationally as a cyclist to win over 40 medals in cycling, including two national championships and three gold medals at the Master’s Pan American games. His athletic pursuits began with his interest in bodybuilding competitions.  He placed third in the Mr. Teenage Florida contest and won the IFBB, Mr. South Florida in 1978. Mr. Platero also has appeared on a variety of talk shows, including The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, Sally Jesse Raphael and AM Los Angeles.

“I would like to make exercise an integral part of everyone’s daily lifestyle”.  “My goal is to help elevate the profession of personal training and increase public awareness to the advantages of hiring a personal trainer.”

Mr. Platero’s creative pursuits also extend to the musical arena.  He has been a drummer for four decades and has performed with and/or recorded music tracks for Cher, Flip Wilson, Bo Diddly, Richard Gere who Platero says “plays a mean piano” and Woody Harrelson.

Always on the go — training, teaching, cycling or playing music — John makes pit stops at his home in Southern, California.

For more information concerning videos, seminars or workshops, you can call 1-800-778-6060 or through the internet at JohnPlatero.com or NCCPT.com