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2011 San Luis Rey Road Race

San Luis Rey Road Race – 2011    Awoke to howling winds of 40-50 mph.  Not a good sign before a 75 mile road race. I decided to call the Escondido police department to see if it was just as windy there. The race was 150 miles away from my home so I was hoping […]

Glendora Mountain Hill Climb

So far, not a great season. Glendora Mountain Hill Climb Once again, the weather is not participating. It’s supposed to be spring but no one told Mother Nature.  It’s been raining all night and its cold. Lucky for me my start time isn’t until 1:32pm; hopefully it will be warmer. I don’t mind the rain, […]

2011 Ontario Grand Prix

Ontario Grand Prix – 2011 After 25 years of racing a bicycle I finally got something for free. My friend Mario Cortes has started a new team sponsored by a Columbian clothing company called Suarez and was kind enough to ask me to ride for it. I received two kits a skin suit, three pairs […]

Callville Classic

The Callville Classic is a three day stage race in at the Callville Marina situated on Lake Mead, Nevada, which is the largest resevoir in the United States. Along with the beautiful scenery you can stay on a house boat in the marina or camp nearby. Since all the races start and finish at the […]

Valley of the Sun – 2011

Today was the 15 mile Time Trial. I did everything right. Had a light breakfast three hours prior. Foam rolled, stretched a little, did 40 minutes on the wind trainer and did three hard intervals to open up the legs. The weather was perfect and I was right on time to climb on to the […]

Moving from Zero

“Hey Uncle John, what if we just got one hamburger and split it between the two of us?” “Well Joseph, let’s think about that. If we eat that hamburger, will it bring us closer to our goal or further away from our goal?” He thought about it for a second and replied “it will take […]

Boulevard Road Race and Haus Criterium – 2011

Boulevard Road Race When I arrived at Boulevard Road Race I made the wrong turn and ended up driving up the climb. I measured it from the car. It was about 5 miles long. Two miles then a dip, then up again, another dip and then it rose to the steepest part at the feed […]