World Championships in St. Johann, Austria

I raced yesterday in a World Cup Race and did fairly well. I never saw an 8-man break so when the bunch went to sprint I thought we were sprinting for the win. the guy in front of me overshot the last corner and almost crashed clipping out to try and keep his balance. Needless to say, that severly made me slow down. NOt good in the last 500 meters. I was able to get around him and sprinted for 15th in the bunch.

It amazes me how fit some of these guys are at their age. The World Championship Time Trial is tomorrow. I´ve learned a lot already about my position and have changed a bunch around. We´ll see how it goes. My road race is on Friday but I think I´ll race a longer race on Thursday with a younger group just for training. Hey, I´m here, I might as well get a good beating. What doesn´t kill you makes you stronger. The stronger I am the better I´ll do at the Senior World´s in October.