Life is what happens while you’re busy planning.

I’m here in Doha, Qatar consulting the training staff at a brand new hospital in the Sports City. The hospital is called Aspetar. Incredible experience. I did a presentation for the physical therapists and another presentation for the entire hospital staff.

After the coldest, wettest winter in 60 years in Califonia and a knee surgery on April 15th, i found myself in Doha, Qatar. Not the best place to ride a bike. Hot, humid, dusty and windy. Fortunately one of the National Junior Team riders was training in the rehab center so i started riding with the team. However, they were so young and thier style of riding was not what i needed. They were going way too hard for me. The heat made my whole body swell and their short attacks would make me heart go through the roof. At least i got to ride. About 10 days into my stay I almost tore my left pec off my arm doing plyo-pushups! I just can’t get a break. I could barely lift my arm. I tried to ride later that day but, it wasn’t easy. I couldn’t put any weight on my left arm and definetly couldn’t pull on the bike. It’s amazing how the body is connected. It would hurt even opening a water bottle with my right hand. Fascia, attaches to the sternum which pulls on the other pec. It’s getting better, but in four days I will be in the Dolomites (italy) on a real cycling trip. It has to heal by then. Please!!!

I was in such good shape at the end of March. Had lost about 16-17 pounds, had put in some long rides and was ready to pick up the intensity. Then knee surgery. Funny how things work out.

To make the fitness goal harder (the goal being to compete in the senior worlds in October) I’m staying at a 5-Star Hotel (4 Seasons) with all expenses paid, so it’s hard to order a salad.

So, i’m taking the positive aspects and enjoying the food and the beautiful ocean and pool. I was swimming, but now with my arm i can only wade in the water.

Sometimes I feel like just giving up. It’s depressing being injured, away from home, working a lot of hours and gaining weight. But, I’m not going to. Hopefully, i can recover in four days and put some good rides in Italy.