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Editorial of the article “Is this any way to lose weight.”

Anyone who writes or advises you on how to lose weight without addressing activity, rest and genetics is either trying to sell you something or clueless. Gary Taubes is a real intelligent guy. He holds degrees in applied physics from Harvard, aerospace engineering from Stanford and journalism from Columbia University. He’s also written some books […]

Editorial for an article in the November issue of Men’s Journal entitled

I really enjoyed Daniel Duane’s article. He made some great points and delivered some great advice. Basically, you don’t need fancy stuff to get fit. We’re actually born with everything we need. I encourage you all to read it. However, again he’s no different than anyone else. He’s marketing his article and didn’t want to […]

2010 Huntsman World Senior Games – St. George, Utah

Road Racing Hill Climb My goal this year was to win the Overall best rider in the both road racing and the mountain biking at the Games. If you’re going to go for it, why not go for it all? Here’s how it works. The first three places are awarded medals (gold, silver and bronze), […]

Master’s Pan American Games – Havana, Cuba – 2010

In order for an American athlete to enter Cuba, Mike Fraysee, who organized this trip had to petition to the US Treasury Department for permission to take 64 athletes to compete. We had to provide our USA Cycling license and our passport to prove who we were and all converged on the Miami airport to […]

World Bike Racing Week in Deutschlandsberg, Austria, 2010

Every year they hold the UCI Master’s World Cycling Championships in St. Johann, Austria. I had competed there in 2008 and found the fields to be huge and aggressive with tons of attacking. Since I didn’t know anyone I tried to chase as many attacks as I could, but ended up missing the winning break. […]